GJUTERIET is the leading trade journal for the Swedish and Nordic foundry branches. In 2010 it completed its 100th year of publication, and to mark the occasion its distribution was substantially increased. It now reaches some 12,000 readers.

GJUTERIET is published nine times per year and contains interesting articles, interviews, and extensive information on industry developments, all of which makes for a very interesting journal.

GJUTERIET is read not only by those working in the foundry branch, but also by their customers, especially within the automotive, engineering and other industries.

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Subscription Within Sweden: SEK 495 plus VAT Other countries: SEK 725

Subscription orders may be placed with Karina Brandt, phone. +46 36 30 12 53.  

Advertising As the leading trade journal for the Swedish and Nordic foundry branches, with distribution to essentially all foundries and many other enterprises, Gjuteriet provides a means to reach all important decision-makers within the Nordic foundry industry. In addition to decision-makers, the journal also reaches most foundry employees, suppliers, partners and major buyers of cast goods in the engineering, machine and automotive industries.

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