About us

The Swedish Foundry Association (SFA) is an industry organization for foundries, suppliers, and for businesses that use cast components in their products and/or processes. Our members produce most of the Swedish iron and steel components and a large majority of the non-ferrous materials.

Our primary task is to create added value for our member companies. Toward that end, we strive to supply members’ current and future needs for research, professional advice, industry monitoring, education, marketing services and opinion-making.

Our vision is a foundry branch of world class. Growth and competitive strength through co-operation.

We aspire to increase the competitive strength of the Swedish foundry branch through national and international market monitoring, research and education. By means of marketing and information activities, to increase general awareness of the advantages offered by foundry castings. To protect the interests of the foundry branch and promote the growth of member companies by shaping public opinion.

Our services include: Market monitoring and competitor analysis Monitoring of national and international production trends and developments Import-export analysis and customer analysis within various product segments Studies and analyses of individual businesses and corporate groups.


The Swedish Foundry Association’s most important partners are, of course, the 200 member companies — foundries, suppliers and businesses that use cast components. They range in size from one-man operations to global concerns with thousands of employees. It is a high-priority objective is to engage all our members in our activities in one way or another.

Our strategically important partners are selected on the basis of their abilities to contribute leading-edge competence in their respective areas. The scope of their activities may be local, regional, national or global. We may enter into long-term binding agreements with some partners; with others, co-operation may consist of a specific project.